Cybersecurity M&A Due Diligence / Security Risk Assessments

Reduce your acquisition risk, understand what legacy technologies you are absorbing, and potentially improve your negotiation by leveraging ImagineX’s M&A Cyber and Technical Due Diligence processes – from running app scanning to performing deep pen tests to reviewing cloud security configs, we will give you the confidence to bring that acquisition into the fold without increasing your cyber risk.


How do you assess your cyber landscape from a tools, technology, and people perspective? Do you have tool gaps, do you have overlapping tools? Is your cyber data aligned so you can make smart decisions? Is your cyber tool chain automated and monitored so you can show ITSM audits? Especially if you are in a regulated industry like financial services, understanding where your Security Risk lies and a smart plan to reduce your risk is one of the best investments you can make.

Vulnerability Management

When ImagineX was founded in 2015, our first key focus was enterprise vulnerability management.

6 years later, it still is our specialty and we have dozens of customers that bring us on to set up, improve, or run their VM programs.

From tools like Qualys and Rapid 7 to Tanium to connecting these with CMBD integrations to ServiceNow, we provide decades of deep VM experience.

Endpoint Protection

Protecting all your organizations has become more crucial within the past two years due to the proliferation of IoT devices, BYOD, and now remote work.

We love tools like Crowdstrike Falcon andare now rolling out tools like this at multiple customers to ensurethey are securing their endpoints and connecting Endpoint Protection to other parts of their Cybersecurity programs.

Cybersecurity Technology Orchestrations/ API integrations

Connecting disparate best of breed cyber tools ensures you are not manually trying to understand the different and oftentimes conflicting security data.

ImagineX leverages our deep understanding of vulnerability data and how to prioritize and normalize the data writing routines and workflows and leveraging orchestration and data tools.

Identity and Access Management

A cyber program is only secure as internal controls.

Privileged access management and control of who has access to what tools, systems, and data is often as critical as protecting the perimeter.

ImagineX focuses on identity and access management as a core tenet of a well rounded cybersecurity program.


DevSecOps ensures that the culture of a development organization is “security first”. Incorporating security into the CI/CD pipeline by securing containers, scanning code for security vulnerabilities, and building remediation into the agile process differentiates the best dev teams from just the ok dev teams.

Implementing Infrastructure and Policy as Code ensures robust security processes are embedded in development.

Managed Security Services / Remediations

Securing local talent to perform remediations has been a challenge.

Highly skilled Cyber labor needs to focus on critical path activities such a red teaming, breach simulations, disaster recovering/business continuity planning, or responses to breach events.

Very little time can be dedicated to patching known vulnerabilities, which continue to build up daily.

Providing an offshore managed service, ImagineX gives your cyber team the capacity to whittle down vulnerabilities and provide an end to end tracking process for audit. We also provide the expertise around exception processes and how to remediate critical infrastructure without impacting production.

DevOps and Cloud


Building CI/CD automated pipelines using tools like Docker and Kubernetes and integrating those dev pipelines with tools like Slack, Jenkins, CircleCI, and Github are table-stakes.

But also connecting to QA automation tools so the build process is fully automated and supportive of iterative dev concepts and allowing for automated image and environment creationallows for a true DevOps pipeline.

Cloud Migrations

Covid19 has accelerated the remaining holdout companies to seriously consider migrating to the cloud.

We have expertise in moving middle market clients from their on premise environments to cloud and hybrid cloud environments in a coordinated effort.

We work through all parts of the migration including strategy, roles, workflows, and validation, as well as the change management and communications around the migration

Cloud Security

Cloud migrations are complicated and most companies do not give enough credence to the security of their cloud environments.

Security is the first concern to make the decision to go to the cloud but then the security discussion falls away as the security controls inherent with cloud providers should be enough.

But that is not the case.

You need strong technical consultants with AWS, Azure and GCP security config experience to ensure the hybrid cloud environments are configured correctly for security controls.

We look at things like Resource Posture, Workload Security, and Segmentation at a minimum.

Application Security

Hiring great developers to write code has always been important but how secure is the code they write? And when the security tollgate arrives and vulnerabilities are found, developers get defensive.

ImagineX software engineering projects include the appropriate application security testing directly into the dev cycle, running API security scans, and SAST and DAST scans.

We then remediate directly in the dev cycle. We also willseparate perform penetration tests as part of our overall application security assessments and then recommend and fix the application code directly.

Application Technology Modernization

There are surprisingly a lot of companies still using legacy technologies and architecture paradigms.

In order to compete and stay relevant, companies have to modernize every 10 years.

ImagineX helps mid size customers assess their current tech and architecture stack and build cohesive and pragmatic steps to improve and support their technology.

QA Automation

We have helped customers improve their QA processes by helping them identify what functional, regression, and integration scripts can be automated.

QA automation using tools like Robot and Katalon is proven to improve quality and reduce test time significantly so functional testers can focus on end to end scenario testing which is tough to automate.

We automate GUI testing, API, mobile, data and can test across multiple channels such as web, IVR, call center, CRM and custom solutions.

Data Insights

Cyber Data Platform & Analytics

At the intersection of ImagineX’s practices of Cybersecurity and Data Insights sits the strategy and implementation of our clients’ end to end cyber data platforms.

We build your endto end Cyber program from Detection through Prioritization,through Remediation, and Reporting and Audit.

We have built an internal Accelerator called Analyt-IX that pulls together disparate vulnerability data from tools like Qualys,Rapid7, and Tanium and endpoint data from tools like Crowdstrike, then normalizes this data, runs prioritization routines, aggregates, and then calculates the associated Key Risk Indicators.

We then use modern data infrastructure tools and custom or off the shelf visualization tools that a CISO can finally use to get a “single pane of glass” for their cyber risk.

Data Governance

For large enterprises, a coordinated data strategy and implementation of data governance processes is critical to maintaining large ERP systems like SAP, Salesforce, Workday, or ServiceNow.

We work to understand your current processes and how to build successful and pragmatic data governance processes and policies.

Data Architecture

Every company has a massive amount of data they are storing.

But building the right architectures to ensure that reporting solutions are separate from transactional systems, building data lakes and workflow engines to normalize, prioritize, and move data, and building the aggregations and metrics that can be surfaced in visualization tools like Tableau or Microsoft PowerBI are the core ingredients of a success data program.

We focus on data strategy & data modernization to scale your organization without being crippled by the volume of data available.

Data Quality

“Garbage in, Garbage out” is a common industry term when discussion data with our customers.

In order to make informed decisions, executives have to have the confidence in the data. So data normalization, deduplication, and cleansing is really important to instill that confidence in the numbers.

ImagineX focuses on data quality assessments as well as implementing the data processes to actually improve that data.

Data Privacy & Security

With GDPR and CCPA, there has never been more of a focus on customer and client data and privacy.

But securing and auditing this data can be like unravelling a tangled ball of yarn.

ImagineXconsultants bring deep experience around how to secure your sensitive data, how to encrypt it, how to audit it, and how to ensure only the right folks have access to it.

Data in transit, data at rest, and data audit are critical focus areas.

Technology Consulting

Security Governance, Policy, and Compliance

Because of our decades of security experience, what other consulting firms consider business management consulting we consider cybersecurity consulting. Our seasoned professionals have deep experience auditing and writing security policies and understanding regulatory, privacy, and compliance requirements in highly regulated industries such as Banking and Finance, Insurance, and Healthcare.

We understand how to analyze and implement the appropriate security controls via Secure Baseline Configurations and use the latest security frameworks such as Zero Trust, NIST, and CIS to ensure security compliance is top of mind.

IT Service Management

An end to end IT Operations process is critical to effectiveness across large organizations.

With the popularity of platforms suchas ServiceNOW, companies of all sizes can build integrated programs around internal and external service management and governance and controls.

ImagineX has implemented ServiceNow and Jira Service Desk and built the associated processes, controls, and workflows and alignment to ITIL or Six Sigma frameworks.

And we have led the change and communications efforts around these programs.

Project/Program/Product Delivery

There are hundreds of great consulting firms out there that offer strong consultants who can lead and deliver on your projects. We are a little different.

We bring SEASONED ex-Big 4 consultants with an average of 15-20 years of experience.

We bring that experience combined with ImagineX’s Delivery Methods and our fierce focus on agility, collaboration and entrepreneurialism that allow us to get your most critical projects completed earlier, with higher quality, and at a better value proposition.

All of our project, program, and product delivery folks bring a security lens to all of our implementations.

Because security is ingrained in everything we do, having delivery leaders that have led security projects think about security differently and apply this risk-based approach to their ongoing projects.

Technology Strategy

Technology is changing so rapidly – there are new tools and concepts that are being launched daily.

SaaS products started inniches and now have become the 2020s version of the ERP, but they are easier to implement and less expensive.

So how does an enterprise select best of breed tools while preventing vendor lock in? How do they build a microservices architecture where switching a tool isn’t as hard as passing a law in a bipartisan government? And how do they do it in an iterative fashion, getting rid of tech debt and increasing automation, cloud usage, and DevOps tools and principles? They need deep technical consultants who can see the bigger picture.

Business Process Transformation

Another core expertise of a good consulting firm is the ability to set, define, re-engineer and adjust business processes so they align with technology transformation. Some boutique technology companies can implement their technology but they don’t think of the impact to people and process and architect processes around technology instead of the other way around.

We go deep with your business team, we act and think like you, and as true advisors, are along for the journey with you.

We work with stakeholders across technology, security, product, ops, and customer channels.

Package Solutions

Platforms and Infrastructure Ecosystem

ImagineX works with a robust set of enterprise infrastructure tools and cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and GCP and DevSecOps tools like Accurics.

We have formal partnerships with these product companies and use them in building end to end technology toolchains.

Our consultants are certified and qualified in implementing these solutions at dozens of customers.

We act as resellers, prime integrators, solution architects, and implementation partners for these core platforms.

Cybersecurity Product Ecosystem

Our most advanced product ecosystem focuses on cybersecurity.

From our deepest relationship as a premier North American Implementation Partner for Qualys to our expertise implementing HCL’s Bigfix for patch management at one of the largest banks in the world to implementing Crowdstrike for endpoint detection at healthcare system, we are gurus at building integrated end to end cyber tool

You have to know cyber and know it well to understand the nuances of these best of breed cyber products.

IT Ops and Customer Service Product Ecosystem

With our deep ITSM experience and our cyber focus, we are ServiceNOW implementation partners for ITSM, SecOps, and GRC and an Atlassian implementation and resell partner for their entire product suite.

On the customer engagement and CRM side, we are now Salesforce partners focusing on Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, and Mulesoft and a multi-year implementation vendor for the entire Zendesk product suite.

Equally as important is ImagineX’s ability to think creatively about how integrate many of these tools together and with custom client systems to ensure clients are getting the most from their technology spend.