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ImagineX consultants are your guide to summit the peaks of emerging technologies using our tools, methodologies, and best practices. Our Adaptive Agile transformation, Software Engineering & DevOps, Cybersecurity, Data Insights, and Technology Consulting teams focus on delivering high value to our clients with a focus on cloud & software automation, kanban & scrum, vulnerability management & web application scanning, and big data & business intelligence.

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We believe that emerging technology will reshape all industries over the next 10 years. The convergence of Mobile/App Dev, Cloud, Big Data, IoT, DevOps, and Cybersecurity are creating a complex landscape that every business must navigate to be successful. The companies that digitally transform to leverage these technologies will create new opportunities and value chains while also exposing themselves to potential digital threats.

ImagineX Consulting is here to guide your business through this digital transformation. Our unique blend of vertical expertise, integration focus, modern delivery methods, and intense focus on execution, will help you re-invent your business to meet the future head on. Imagine how we can help you.

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Remediation As a Service (RaaS)

In today’s technology climate, new cybersecurity threats are being encountered daily. It is therefore imperative for enterprises of all sizes to have up to date technology to reduce or mitigate these threats. ImagineX has leveraged our cross-functional teams to create a unique approach to help our clients understand their technical debt, mitigate vulnerabilities, and create a compliant IT environment. Using Adaptive Agile principles, we deliver quick solutions around cybersecurity, data visualization and process, tailored to our clients’ industries and leveraging a proven playbook for enterprise Remediation as a Service (RaaS).

Crafted Kanban

Crafted Kanban is a five week program to
launch your company’s custom kanban system with visibility, predictability and results. We GUARANTEE you will double your team’s efficiency after completing this 5 week industry leading Kanban bootcamp. Each week is focused on objectives and outcomes that will make dramatic improvements to your efficiency by teaching you how to Focus Your Effort, Manage Your Work, Amplify Your Obstacles, Predict Your Delivery, and Improve The System. Led in person by our national Kanban experts, this offering will teach your team that how they work is an important as how much they deliver.

Functional Test Automation

Software quality assurance is nothing new. Infusing QA automation deep into the development cycle is. As companies try to get software products out to production, the temptation is to staff up with manual testers, many offshore to meet the development demand. In reality, human error and the back and forth around story acceptance criteria creates inefficiencies and slows the release. ImagineX Consulting has a 2 month web and mobile automation toolkit that allows companies to rapidly automate functional, regression, and UAT automation using open source tools like Robot Framework, train the client staff on how to create and run scripts, and allow them to catch up on their automation backlog while increasing software quality and speed to market

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