Our Philosophy

We believe that emerging technology will reshape all industries over the next 10 years.  The convergence of Mobile/App Dev, Cloud, Big Data, IoT, DevOps, and Cybersecurity are creating a complex landscape that every business must navigate to be successful.  The companies that digitally transform to leverage these technologies will create new opportunities and value chains while also exposing themselves to potential digital threats.


ImagineX Consulting is here to guide your business through this digital transformation.  Our unique blend of vertical expertise, integration focus, modern delivery methods, and intense focus on execution, will help you re-invent your business to meet the future head on.  Imagine how we can help you.


Our Services

We are your guide to summit the peaks of emerging technologies using our tools, methodologies, and best practices. Our Adaptive Agile transformation, Adaptive Agile delivery & devops, cybersecurity, and technical consulting teams focus on delivering high value to our clients in such emerging technology areas as DevOps & automation, kanban, cloud, cybersecurity, and big data.

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Our Adaptive – Agile Approach

One of the key basic tenets to our solution design approach is what we’d like to call “getting you to test” faster and for less cost. Through a quick go-to-test cycle, tremendous amounts of valuable information can be determined – not just functional information, which is table-stakes these days, but more importantly acceptability and fit.


The “test fast, test frequent” mantra represents a key aspect to our methodology and helps our clients gather feedback quickly enabling cheaper learnings and thus a more tightly coupled solution fit. This is all only achievable with an Agile and Adaptive approach, which therefore affords our clients a better solution at a lower cost.


We were amazed at how efficiently and quickly the ImagineX team was able to get our microsite up and running.  Insights gained from the site have really accelerated  our new product strategies.  Thank you!


– Paul Halter, CFO, Goddess Garden LLC.