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ImagineX partnered with company to establish a new organization with the purpose of ensuring all IT assets within the enterprise were kept current. As vendor-provided hardware and software requires updates for items such as security patches and functionality upgrades, the company needed a consolidated, comprehensive and action-oriented way to ensure they were proactively identifying and remediating issues to reduce risk exposure.



ImagineX gathered requirements for, designed, developed and rolled-out an Executive Dashboard and a set of associated Processes for the company to accomplish their goals. The effort involved very close coordination with numerous existing groups/other programs and required the team to ensure the new organization was fully integrated with all of those existing groups. The ImagineX team worked side-by-side with senior executive leadership to establish key metrics and measurements for inclusion into the Executive Dashboard in a truly iterative/agile manner delivering new versions every 2 weeks.



The client executive leadership team saw this project as a big success as numerous attempts at establishing this type organization had failed in the past. The client began using the dashboard and processes immediately; identifying critical areas of exposure in their highly regulated industry.


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