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ImagineX partnered with a hospitality services company to build a new custom front-end web application interface that is user-friendly in order to search and download content from the provider’s enterprise-wide Adobe Digital Asset Management (DAM) tool. The application will replace the current web application, which is nearing end of life and uses a separate content management platform. The business goal of this project is to migrate all assets off the platform to Adobe DAM to create one centralized asset repository that takes advantage of Adobe’s best of breed DAM features, coupled with a very intuitive search function that is designed with the needs of brand marketing in mind.



ImagineX leveraged a user centered design approach in developing the new user experience between the company and its third party integrators. Designs were based off of users needs to provide for the most optimal user experience. In parallel, agile development methodologies were used to develop the platform in a high velocity manner to provide the client with quick results and feedback.



The end result of the project was the successful delivery of a new modern platform to support the needs of the end user and the requirements set forth by the client.


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