The foundation of our business is five modern and often intersecting consulting practices: Software Engineering & Cloud, Cybersecurity, Data Insights, and Technology Consulting. We focus on the ideal set of integrated practices with pragmatic and complementary methods, to deliver value to the Digital Enterprise on the cutting edge of today’s technology.


We believe that companies that choose to ignore today’s security threats will not survive in tomorrow’s economy. Every organization regardless of size needs to infuse a security mindset across both technology and business. ImagineX recognizes that the sheer volume of vulnerabilities organizations have to manage is overwhelming and scary. By pairing our senior risk consultants with skilled security and software engineers we are able to build security into the new era of computing that requires highly secure, highly available cloud applications & infrastructure delivered in an automated continuous process. Our Cybersecurity capabilities include:


  • Vulnerability Management (VM) — We help clients plan, build, and run VM programs; alleviate vulnerability overload by correlating asset/vulnerability/threat intelligence; increase maturity levels
  • Data Visualizations — We deliver a data visualization experience that allows our clients to see their data in new ways to gain insight and drive decisions
  • Security Orchestration & Automation (SOA) — We bring together disparate security toolsets and incident handling processes to improve response times and reduce risk exposure by utilizing automation to perform manual tasks and maintain process consistency
  • DevSecOps — We “shift security left” through the intersection of automation and security, layering security into the continuous delivery pipeline without sacrificing velocity
  • Cloud Security — We provide security advisory and secure engineering to cloud service providers and consumers. We help clients securely move from legacy to cloud-based infrastructures
  • AppSec – ImagineX’s AppSec experts provide proven and cutting appsec services including: full pentesting, assessment, scanning, remediation and training, catered to help your organization with its unique challenges and goals.

Software Engineering & Cloud

We believe that tomorrow’s applications will have virtually no limits because of open source innovations and infinitely scalable cloud architectures. Big data, predictive analytics, machine learning, augmented and virtual reality, and IoT are some of the emerging technologies that businesses can leverage to increase internal efficiencies and create unprecedented value for their customers. We help companies pick which technologies fit their needs instead of focusing on the next shiny object. Underlying implementation of any of these technologies is a critical foundation of modern delivery practices, a focus on Agile delivery, a shift to a DevOps mindset, and the use of best of breed automation and cloud tools. Our Software Engineering & Cloud capabilities include:


  • Technology Advisory – we perform engineering assessments, provide technology architecture guidance, we assess and compare DevOps tools and immerse ourselves with your Engineering teams
  • Next Generation Application Development – we build working web application MVP prototypes rapidly, design and build microservice architectures, develop mobile and native applications using modern user experience practices, build DevOps based pipelines and implement best of breed open source QA automation tools
  • Cloud Strategy – we perform total cost of ownership (TCO) and build vs. buy studies and recommend your ideal hybrid cloud approach
  • Cloud Implementations – we design & architect, then build & migration across private and public clouds like Openstack and AWS and serverless computing solutions

Data Insights

Many companies consider their data as a key differentiator or enabler of their business. They have invested in areas such as artificial intelligence, big data solutions, and machine learning. This is where a lot of consultants will start because of their “shiny object syndrome”. Our ImagineX Data Insights practitioners take a more pragmatic view of data: we focus on enablement of the business insights that our customers are looking to get out of their data and then work our way backwards, iterating until we get to the technology platforms. Our Data Insights capabilities include:


  • Data Strategy & Architecture – we work with the business to understand their goals and then architect elegant data solutions, keeping data security top of mind
  • Data Orchestration – we design systems that pull disparate data from multiple source systems, synthesize and transform this data in real-time, and incorporate AI and workflow engines to get the data ready for business consumption
  • Data Visualization – we build custom reporting solutions or work with the business to identify best of breed business intelligence tools that will allow the business to easily visualize and interact with the data so they can draw insights quickly and with high confidence

Technology Consulting

We believe that the traditional management consultant is a dinosaur. The consultants who are not afraid to dig deep into the latest technologies will be the bridge to implement those technologies with their business partners. We bring foundational delivery experience to your business combined with Agile delivery techniques and a deep focus on security. Our consultants tailor their delivery approach to overcome project pain points and help solve business problems. We bring the best of Scrum, Lean, Kanban, and Waterfall practices to you and our adaptive approach allows you to customize our methods to match your product, technology and delivery goals. Our Technology Consulting capabilities include:


  • Program Delivery — We own delivery of multiple projects aligned to a business goal with responsibility for program planning, defining and controlling Agile processes, continuous improvement, financials, and vendor management. We help you implement the best of Lean, Six Sigma, and ITIL to improve your project and portfolio quality
  • Project Delivery — We drive outcomes using an adaptive Agile approach to meet product, technology and delivery goals, we modernize your QA function, we turnaround failing projects and lead your most critical and strategic initiatives
  • Business Analysis — We document the current state and collaborate across the organization to define the key question(s) to solve. We recommend future state transformations in people, process and technology which are aligned with Agile and security principles to ensure execution success. We build the supporting business case and help with vendor selection to optimize buy-in and roll-out.
  • Change Management — We align business and customer groups to control the rollout of changes to applications, processes, or the organization. We plan and executing communications, training, and deployments
  • Technology Subject Matter Expertise— We provide deep industry and domain expertise to guide your teams on their technology journey

ImagineX Enables Digital Business Transformation

ImagineX guides our customers through their digital business transformations to give them an edge over their competition. Our practices focus on emerging technology, and are specifically designed to lead our clients on a transformation path using modern delivery methods and proven project delivery techniques.   From a simple two week experiment to a multi-year transformation, ImagineX consultants deliver across the continuum for your most complex, strategic, and innovative initiatives.

Adaptive Agile

We believe that the best Agile methodology for your organization is one that respects the culture, people, and practices already in place. We focus on providing your business with the  visibility, flexibility and predictability that Agile promises without forcing dogmatic frameworks. This results in changes that adapt to fit your culture and your customers while providing you faster time to market.   Your Agile journey does not have a final destination.  We give your teams the tools and information that they need to continuously improve and evolve your unique Agile practices with your changing goals. Our Adaptive Agile capabilities include:


  • Evaluation — We start all of our projects by understanding where you are and where you want to be
  • Education — We offer multiple Agile certification programs as well as customized training programs to fit your specific need
  • Implementation — We work along side your teams to roll out the Agile practices that best fit your company’s individual goals
  • Evolution — We leverage metrics to identify areas to improve and give your teams the tools to interpret their data to make changes that maximum efficiency


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