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How to roll out Qualys effectively using ImagineX's best practices

Why ImagineX
ImagineX has worked with Fortune 500 firms to help them improve and gain the most out of their Qualys implementations since 2016.

Our Qualys specialist consultants have over 50 years of collective experience as both former Qualys employees and platform customers.

The Qualys Cloud Platform deployment draws on ImagineX Consulting’s years of industry experience leading vulnerability management programs, cross-department remediation efforts within an organization, and a deep knowledge of the Qualys suite of modules for the most appropriate and effective implementation.

Whether an organization is ramping up your vulnerability management program for the first time, or simply replacing a vulnerability management toolset, our rollout service helps organizations of all varying size and complexity to quickly leverage the Qualys Cloud Platform to its fullest potential.

The engagement will assess business objectives, regulatory demands, program policies, network topology, user roles and responsibilities, and then develop and execute a rollout plan to meet those needs.

Pre-Rollout Analysis
Determine the deployment plan by analyzing business needs and technology
Configure subscription, option profiles, add users, and deploy sensors
First Scans and Discovery
Identify attack surfaces on the network, how hosts respond to scans, fine tune scanning for optimal performance
Establishes regular scanning, reporting, and remediation practices
Train staff on proper care and maintenance of the platform
Our Approach
We approach the Qualys Cloud Platform Rollout with four key goals in mind as they relate to an organization’s strategic business objectives, regulatory requirements, and industry best practices for vulnerability management.

The rollout plans and recommendations are intended to streamline the vulnerability management process and deploying the Qualys Cloud Platform to align with best practices used by similar sized companies

Post Deployment
ImagineX evaluates Qualys scan completeness for comprehensive network coverage visibility and complete testing for each target host.
Authenticated Scan Coverage
ImagineX reviews the authentication posture for maximum visibility to illustrate a complete picture of risk for each target host
Scan Performance
ImagineX evaluates scan times, scan behavior, and scanner appliance performance for timely results.
Vulnerability Program
ImagineX reviews people and processes in place for Qualys to e!ectively identify, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities.
Post Deployment
Following a successful deployment, ImagineX is ready to work with your organization to extend the use of Qualys to tackle challenges such as cloud security, secure configuration compliance, application security, data insights, DevSecOps, third-party tool integrations, and more.

ImagineX is available to provide our full or partial services to administer your organization’s vulnerability man-agement program. We will work with your organization to ensure that the most significant risks are identified and communicated through clearly defined metrics. We partner with responsible system owners to help prioritize vulnerabilities and advise on patch management strategies to reduce risk.

  • Our Security Consultants are industry experts with years of experience to maximize the value from Qualys.
  • We partner with your organization to deploy Qualys by configuring it to meet your business needs and reporting requirements.
  • Working directly with your team we provide customize training to maintain and maximize your Qualys investment.

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