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Client Success Story - Insurance Provider Microsoft Technology Architecture improvements

Project Overview
ImagineX partnered with a construction risk management company to address multiple weekly outages within a production application critical to running the business.

The application was built using legacy Microsoft technologies and the design of the application led to technical debt both for reporting and daily operations.

ImagineX Approach
ImagineX prioritized root causes to the performance issues ranging from the UI to the database.

Each priority was addressed with the largest issues resulting in poorly written stored procedures tied to complex reporting.

Database tuning, UI updates to provide better user feedback, and error handling were added to the application reducing issues.

To rectify the production issues, an OLAP pipeline was created to offload reporting workloads relieving the production web application.

In addition to addressing ongoing production problems, a new Scrum process was defined to organize client communication and prioritization and help the client better understand progress and outstanding issues.

Project Success
The end result of the project was the successful triage of the platform with minimal cost to the client.

Outages were reduced from an average of 3 times a week to 1 to 2 outages per month after initial tuning with much quicker response and downtime.

After introducing a basic reporting pipeline, the outages were reduced to near zero times per month.

Technology & Tools

C#, .Net, SQL Server, Azure, Docker, Knockout, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, JIRA, PowerBI, SSRS, Azure DevOps, Katalon


Agile (Scrum)


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