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Client Success Story - Improving Operational Processes using Zendesk at a Financial Services Firm

Project Overview
A fast-growing credit card provider is evaluating its customer support technologies. As their customer base and product portfolio continues to grow, they asked ImagineX to evaluate how Zendesk can better and more broadly support the customer teams, and to evaluate other key customer-impacting technologies for fit and future viability.
ImagineX Approach
  • Several online discovery sessions were held with key business and technology team members and leaders. Current processes and technologies were mapped in a mind map and pain points were identified by the team and by ImagineX.
  • ImagineX created a functional and technical design for expanding the use of Zendesk Support and Guide across the business and sunset 3 other platforms. ImagineX also designed process for centralized content management.
Project Success
  • In 4 weeks, the client had detailed direction on Zendesk configuration and development recommendations and a roadmap scheduling 15 initiatives across the 5 quarters.
  • The client immediately retained ImagineX’s Zendesk expertise to accelerate the delivery of that roadmap.
Technology & Tools

Zendesk Support, Zendesk Guide


Zendesk discovery


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