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Client Success Story - Implementing ServiceNow Vulnerability Response and Change at a large Media client

Project Overview
As a long-time ServiceNow customer, the media and entertainment company with business units that span television, film, and resort entertainment sought to consolidate their vulnerability management reporting into a single system. Additionally, the customer sought to integrate their vulnerability practice into their existing change management process to formally track the discovery of new vulnerabilities to the remediation of the vulnerability through an implemented change request.
ImagineX Approach
  • We provided the business process, and technical consulting expertise to help the client achieve their target business goals and objectives.
  • Working with the customer’s vulnerability management team, the ServiceNow platform team, and other subject matter experts, we were able to deliver the following:
    • Implemented of ServiceNow Vulnerability Response with .
    • Integrated ServiceNow Change module to create a change request for selected vulnerable items.
    • Leveraged existing patch management process to automatically schedule the change to remediate vulnerabilities based on existing processes.
    • Provided the ability to set a target remediation date for high and critical vulnerabilities based on risk and other factors.
Project Success
  • Upon the successful rollout of the new vulnerability response product, the customer saw immediate benefits with increased visibility of the vulnerabilities for the affected IT groups.
  • This awareness promoted an increase of remediation activities via the monthly patching process and shorter time to resolution (TTR) and faster elimination of vulnerabilities in the environment.
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