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Project Reference: International Financial Services Firm


Project Overview:  The client was in need of a modern reporting and analytics solution to support their Vulnerability Risk Management program.  Their business intelligence was managed through a myriad of antiquated reporting technologies and manual reporting processes. It did not provide a consistent methodology to ensure the accuracy of the information that was disseminated across business groups within the organization.


ImagineX Approach:  ImagineX designed and implemented a scalable architecture aimed at providing them with automated, consistent and real-time insights. A combination of stakeholder interviews, ingesting data from multiple sources using APIs and NiFi workflows, and quality check processes were implemented to design and build the data model and a solid reporting foundation. Custom dashboards and visualizations were then delivered using PowerBI with drill-down capabilities.


Project Success: The final product leveraged best in breed architecture, and provided the client with real-time views of where they stood from a vulnerability management perspective, organization-wide. The visualizations also provided the ability to slice data by Key Risk Indicators (KRIs), instantly transitioning from executive-level views to more detailed operational views. The end result was a successful delivery of a foundation to support the long-term reporting vision to meet their business needs and objectives.

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