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Introducing Crafted Kanban: an ImagineX Consulting 5 Week Program

We are proud to announce our newest offering here at ImagineX Consulting: an immersive 5-week Kanban coaching program to launch your custom Kanban system with visibility, predictability and results.

Training alone won’t drive the behavioral changes required to bring about monumental change…but we guarantee that our Crafted Kanban program will double your team’s efficiency in just FIVE weeks.


So, what can you expect each week? Here’s a sample:

Week 1: FOCUS the effort

Week 2: MANAGE the work

Week 3: AMPLIFY the obstacles

Week 4: PREDICT the delivery

Week 5: IMPROVE the system

For more information about how you can kickstart your Kanban process in 5 weeks, please contact us at [email protected]

Because how you work matters just as much as how much you deliver.

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