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A multi-brand consumer packaged goods company was experiencing consistent production issues related to their multiple consumer facing websites (e.g., To reduce the number of production hotfixes required after each deployment by focusing on efficient quality assurance in the lower environments, ImagineX was engaged to perform a proof of concept for QA automation testing.



  • Provided high level cost benefit analysis for tool comparison between Selenium and Robot open source QA automation frameworks
  • Performed experiment on one Calphalon end to end script in order to prove validity of POC
  • Automated all high priority test scripts and deployed Robot onto AWS Jenkins server for automatic execution after code build.  Done across 4 web-browsers
  • Performed experiment for integration with Applitools and ImageHorizon for image verification.  Result was recommendation of ImageHorizon

Trained current dev team on how to maintain, adjust automated scripts going forward



  • Reduced costs related to troubleshooting production issues
  • Reduced need for QA testing headcount and associated cost via automation
  • Detected 2 Sev 2 defects in QA that were going to prod and would have prevented all website orders on IE browser

Performed several internal demos to client teams to gain buy in to perform automation on 6 additional websites and future integration with backend build team to kickoff tests automatically after backend code deploys


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