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Leveraging the ubiquitously popular web video frameworks of WebRTC and ORTC, our work continues in building out a next-gen super-lightweight RTC implementation focused on mobile use-cases. As the landscape of OpenRTC technologies continues to be defined with a dominant design yet to take a firm foothold, we continue to ride the technology curve while driving towards the goal of “peer simulcasting video anywhere”.


To date, we’ve managed to establish our own deployment environment test bed for RTC with our own custom signalling protocols to allow for one-to-one, one-to-many, ETL integration with billing engines, real-time session recording, and many more cool features and functions.


Design and implementation of mobile SDKs that perform fast visual acquisition and detection of facial expressions across 15 different subtle expression types with lower computational demands and battery drain. With real-time fast acquisition of micro expressions, we are able to determine the mood and emotional state of a person and organize and utilize this information in a powerful way.


Imagine a waiting room where you’re able to detect the emotional state of your customers and take action before they become disgruntled. Today, this is measured by the 4-button kiosk located at the exits, but a customer providing negative feedback as they exit is most likely non-recoverable. With real-time emotion tracking via micro-expressions, businesses can have their finger on the pulse of customer satisfaction and take preventative action before actually delivering negative customer experiences.

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Due to the popularity of mobile, instant messaging systems are becoming increasingly asynchronous. Our most recent work includes extending the tried and true security protocols – OTR and SMP – to function in an asynchronous mobile world with minimal security and user experience tradeoffs.


The mobile user today requires services to be immediate, and extremely easy to use. Here at ImagineX Labs, our latest implementations of asynchronous OTR have attempted to bring it to a plug-and-play state – to be completely turnkey and transparent in the hands of a user. We believe that security, privacy, and ease of use, can be mutually exclusive. It simply requires smarter design, and a deeper understanding of user patterns to accomplish in our efforts to bring communication security and privacy to the masses.


Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning

With the volume of data available to executives today, uncovering customer insights and driving strategic business decisions becomes difficult and time-consuming without the right strategy to harness that data. ImagineX Consulting has predictive analytics and visualization capabilities that will help you make sense of the avalanche of data within your company. We turn data insights into decisions and action.

Connected Experiences & IoT

The Internet of Things revolves around increased machine-to-machine communication; it’s built on cloud computing and networks of data-gathering sensors; it’s mobile, virtual, and instantaneous connected. Organizations must consider how to manage the complexities of connecting to a seemingly unlimited number of devices and how to effectively integrate IoT data with data from other sources, such as internal data stores. ImagineX can help companies improve their data capabilities – and most importantly, increase the business value of these new datasets.