Cybersecurity Services

We provide organizations with a holistic approach to Information Security that includes the ability to predict, prevent, detect, and respond to security incidents in a fast-moving, distributed landscape.

The Challenge


Managing your vulnerability backlog feels time-consuming and overwhelming.

The Solution


Develop a repeatable process to prioritize, track, and report on remediation.

The Outcome


Fix more vulnerabilities with orchestrated, automated, risk-based remediation.

Comprehensive Vulnerability Management

Less managing, more fixing.

Cyber Resilience

Build resilience to ransomware.

The Challenge


A ransomware attack feels like it could come from anyone, anywhere, anytime.

The Solution


Proactively build resiliency through cyber hygiene and incident response practice.

The Outcome


Move forward from an incident with strategic risk reduction and investment in maturity.

ImagineX Consulting provides bespoke cybersecurity solutions to mid size and enterprise customers across North America.

We bring industry leading cybersecurity products, decades of risk advisory, and lean delivery methods to maximize your information security investment while reducing your risk.

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