Reduce your corporate risk through cyber lifecycle visibility

Cybersecurity M&A Due Diligence / Security Risk Assessments

Reduce your acquisition risk, understand what legacy technologies you are absorbing, and potentially improve your negotiation by leveraging ImagineX’s M&A Cyber and Technical Due Diligence processes – from running app scanning to performing deep pen tests to reviewing cloud security configs, we will give you the confidence to bring that acquisition into the fold without increasing your cyber risk.

How do you assess your cyber landscape from a tools, technology, and people perspective? Do you have tool gaps, do you have overlapping tools? Is your cyber data aligned so you can make smart decisions? Is your cyber tool chain automated and monitored so you can show ITSM audits? Especially if you are in a regulated industry like financial services, understanding where your Security Risk lies and a smart plan to reduce your risk is one of the best investments you can make.

Vulnerability Management

When ImagineX was founded in 2015, our first key focus was enterprise vulnerability management.
6 years later, it still is our specialty and we have dozens of customers that bring us on to set up, improve, or run their VM programs.

From tools like Qualys and Rapid 7 to Tanium to connecting these with CMBD integrations to ServiceNow, we provide decades of deep VM experience.