Client Spotlight

Goddess Garden

Goddess Garden, a rapidly growing leader in the organic skincare industry,  engaged ImagineX Consulting to develop a digital solution to help assess early product-market fit for their new essential oil line of products. In just 8 weeks from inception until market pilot, ImagineX was able to  deliver an  ecommerce solution that captured the pilot market segment’s reaction and response to the new product line prior to the broader product launch.  The ImagineX team designed and launched a responsive-design microsite to showcase the new products, capture customer reviews and social comments, and built a robust and user friendly reporting framework that allowed Goddess Garden executives to gain insights into purchase behavior, product demand, and optimal product and price mix.


The Pre-launch Referral Program

In order to test traction and virality with a control group and to build momentum towards the market launch, a referral page was set up two weeks prior to market launch. Goddess Garden would send out a mailer to their existing “fans” inviting them to learn more about this new product line that was being launched.


From this site, visitors would submit their email address, and be presented with the chance to receive free gifts by referring their friends via Facebook, Twitter, or email, to sign up to the site using their unique referrer code. Based on the number of friends referred, visitors could receive free bottles of essential oils, or even an electric diffuser if they referred enough people.


Analytics and tracking were set up on the site pages to see where referral traffic was coming from and to determine how frequently visitors were accessing the pages daily.

Integration, Extensions, and Data Sync with Shopify

One key challenge was the fact that their existing e-commerce storefront for their sun care line of products was using a Shopify instance. In order to integrate and sync comfortably with Shopify, webhooks needed to be created that enabled the new essential oils site to run independently in parallel while still leveraging Shopify’s order, cart and payment functions. Using a customized shopping interface based on the LAMP stack, the solution was run and continuously deployed over the course of 6 weeks (3 sprint cycles) with daily deployments that were transparent to users.


Iterative and build testing was performed ad-hoc making the process extremely smooth and without any significant issues. Even though the client had daily updates to their backlog, ImagineX was able to deliver on all backlog tasks within the given timelines ensuring a smooth launch, with minimal impacts to existing business processes around supply chain and inventory. We were able to fast deploy an experimental site with minimal risk, and impact to the client’s organization, for a new product line.