OMG DevOps

"So, we have a problem. Being a roaming engineer I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with lots of companies here in the states. Concerning DevOps and the execution of lean concepts applied to operations: in almost every circumstance I’ve found myself in I’ve discovered...

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Hello Barbie on display at the Mattel showroom at the North American International Toy Fair in New York (Mark Lennihan/AP)

Mattel went to market during this holiday season with it’s Hello Barbie product “digitized”.  Suddenly my kid’s (soon to-be toy) is a connected device in the Internet of Things, with artificial intelligence and a mobile app, while leveraging cloud storage. Wow, talk about a case...

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As devices become ever more connected and mobile, the traditional enterprise perimeter walls will quickly crumble.  These changes may already be occurring in the form of shadow IT or  businesses within your organization going outside of your normal IT delivery methods to gain the benefit...

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