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Program Mgmt/Tech Arch Reference: AWS - Home Warranty Provider Cloud Transformation

Project Overview
ImagineX partnered with company to help them transform the way they “do” business by modernizing their technology stack and they way they fundamentally go to market with new features to support their day to day business operations.  At the time of engagement, the company had no formal PMO process or cadences in place to support their organization.  Features were being developed and deployed in a vacuum without formal plans and processes to provide for a smooth and stable production release methodology
ImagineX Approach
ImagineX leveraged years worth of consultant experience to bring to the table a best of bread Agile methodology that would hep to stabilize and organize the enterprise around a common methodology and vision.  ImagineX brought standardized tools and process to bear in order to provide transparency to the delivery lifecycle.  Daily stand ups, sprint cycles, demo’s, retrospectives and planning sessions were implemented to help guide the organization towards a common goal.  Tooling (JIRA) was implemented to provide transparency and allow for prioritization across the enterprise to enable each group a say as to what gets implemented.
Project Success
The end result of the project was the successful delivery of a new modern CRM / eCommerce platform to support the needs of the organization and the requirements set forth by the client.  The cadences implemented are still being used today and provide for collaboration across the enterprise that previously did not exist.
Technology & Tools

C#, Docker, .Net, ReactJS, SQL Server, Redux, AWS, Bootstrap CSS, Robot, GIT


Agile (Scrum)


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