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Client Success Story - Global Energy Company

Project Overview
A Fortune 50 integrated energy company needed an ITSM architecture support to manage and deliver projects associated with a multi-year ITSM program. The company had initially turned to its preferred vendor for assistance, but they were unable to make any progress on the ITSM program and were struggling to implement even the current version of the tool suite.
ImagineX Approach
  • Our strength in architecting complex enterprise systems enabled our strategic consultants to partner closely with the vendor to stabilize the customer’s implementation and deliver a seamless transition between their existing ITSM instance and the new one. With that accomplished, the team then set to work on delivering new projects.
  • In a role typically held by a company employee, our Senior ITSM Architect provided the experience necessary to deliver on these initiatives. What started as a three-month, single-resource engagement turned into a two-year, multi-resource engagement. Our relationship with the customer is now one of a Trusted Advisor not only because of our ability to accomplish the goals but deliver with a high level of customer satisfaction and in a manner that was significantly more efficient that those of other service providers.
  • In one instance, ImagineX accomplished an enhancement request in only eight days after another vendor could not complete the work after three months.
Project Success
  • Achieved CMDB Level 2 Maturity
  • Achieved Change Level 3 Maturity
  • Implemented Problem Management and Knowledge Management
  • Implemented an orchestration platform
  • Supported a cloud server-based-provisioning effort
  • Improved the People process
  • Sunset the legacy ITSM system while maintaining access to data
Technology & Tools

CMDB, Problem Management, Knowledge Management, Orchestration Services


Agile, Various Security Frameworks


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