The Quarantine with Kids Exercise Program (QKEP)

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The Quarantine with Kids Exercise Program (QKEP)

This is not exactly what a prison yard workout looks like in the movies, but I must admit it was partially our inspiration.  Fortunately, the weather here in Atlanta has been wonderful to be outside during the pandemic. While that has been very helpful to keep the peace at home, very little slows down a rambunctious 3.5 year old.  


So for those of you looking to get a little creative in your exercise routine and give the kids something fun to be a part of, Imagine X presents you the Quarantine with Kids Exercise Program (QKEP).


The most important step in beginning your workout is to determine your desired weight.  I chose a 40 pounder. Now depending on your desired exercises, you’ll want to adjust your reps accordingly.


“Bench” Press

Find your weight and have it lay across your chest.  Extend your arms and press the weight straight up into the air.  Return the weight back to your chest. Repeat.


This seemed like a good idea to start.  My “weight” is currently working on counting and wanted to count to 30.  That seemed reasonable. The challenge came when he got stuck on a number and decided to start over on counting our reps.  By the time we were done, the “30” had to be close to 100. Tip: make sure your “weight” can count to your desired rep level. 


“Preschool Press”

Grab your weight and bring it to chin height.  Extend your arms upward and press the weight into the air above your head.  Bring the weight back down to your chin.


Perform this on a soft surface and make sure you have a good grip.  Depending on your height and reach, your “weight” could end up ~8 feet above the ground.  This exercise becomes a bit more challenging when your significant other motivates you with “what the #[email protected]% are you doing?!?” at the top of their lungs. 


“Silly” Step-ups

Grab a weight, and throw it over your shoulders.  Find something to step up on, and then step back down.  A stair, a chair, a box, a bench, or a short wall will do the trick. Alternate which foot to step with first.  Repeat. 


Due to the way you’ll carry your “weight”, you can expect a good amount of giggling and wiggling which will give the stabilizing muscles a little extra attention.  Based on your grip positioning, you’ll be able to apply tickles around the neck and thighs.


“Pre-K” Curl

Grab your weight and turn it horizontally.  Begin with it at your waist and keep your elbows to your sides.  In a curling motion, bring the weight up to your upper chest. Then lower the weight back down to your waist. Repeat.


You’ll want to perform this curl using both arms simultaneously.  Trying to perform this exercise with one arm will likely result in the weight receiving it’s first real wedgie. 


There are plenty more exercises that you can do with your special weight.  Stay tuned for a new set of exercises coming soon!

Drew Moyer