Honoring the Value of IX Women

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Honoring the Value of IX Women

Beverly Sexton  

“Learn something new every day!”

joined the ImagineX family in March 2017 as a Consultant in our Technology Consulting practice. Beverly’s career commenced after graduating from the University of Central Florida with an MBA specializing in Information Systems. To the present day, Beverly has applied her business analysis expertise across a variety of industries and disciplines to deliver a myriad of technology solutions. She is an Agile enthusiast who promotes a blended approach to solving problems and encourages positive change. Beverly always focuses on her client work with the goal of improving the efficiency of the process at hand, while enhancing the overall culture of collaboration. Beverly lives in the Atlanta area with her technologist husband and hilarious dogs. When she isn’t working you can find her buried in some form of art, photography and design. In her ideal vision of the world we all share – people, planet and profits are all in balance.


What advice would you give to young women who want to join the Technology and Consulting
The cool thing about technology is you almost never create the exact same thing twice. It’s always
improving, always shifting. It’s becoming an underlying foundation for the success of every traditional
discipline and business function. This diversity and range is what makes it a solid yet really interesting
career…with so many possible paths.
How can we as women show our worth?
We are already worthy, of course, as individuals, colleagues, friends, family members and
professionals. I like to think of it as showing our expertise. Craft and hone what you love about what
you do, then share it with others. Teach and lead by example, which sometimes means taking risks.
Build genuine rapport along the way.
What advice would you give your 20-year-old self?
Several things come to mind: Your mother is actually right about a few things. Also, keep following your
bliss, it’s a good path. Finally nothing truly worth having comes easy, but the gains are totally worth it.
In your opinion, who is the most inspirational woman in history? Why?
There have been so many inspirational women in history, like Susan B Anthony for example. But for
me two super inspirational women in my life’s history include my sister Sharon and my cousin Lauren.
Sharon just received her PHD and is now teaching at the University of Grand Forks ND. Lauren just
received her PHD in Biomedical Engineering and is about to head to medical school for her second
doctorate. I think they are both going to change people’s lives and perhaps even the world.