Crafted Kanban

Crafted Kanban is a five week program to launch your company’s custom Kanban system with visibility, predictability and results. We GUARANTEE you will double your team’s efficiency after completing this 5 week industry leading Kanban boot camp. Each week focuses on objectives and outcomes that will make dramatic improvements to your efficiency by teaching you how to Focus Your Effort, Manage Your Work, Amplify Your Obstacles, Predict Your Delivery, and Improve The System. Led in person by our national Kanban experts, this offering will teach your team that how they work is an important as how much they deliver. To learn more, head to and follow us on Instagram @craftedkanban

Lean Agile Training

Our approach to training is hands on and always customized to meet you where you are. We will meet with you to understand your current state and where you want to be and tailor our teaching to your needs. Our goal is that these sessions are always interactive, informative and fun!

  • Lean Product Delivery: Learn the core practices of Scrum and/or Kanban in this session focused on the methods to deliver value to customers on time with speed and quality.
  • Lean Product Discovery: Learn the how to leverage the element of Lean to validate product ideas, collaboratively define work, and implement customer feedback loops.

Lean Agile Coaching

Our approach to coaching is to make sure your team is empowered with tools to keep the agile flame lit long after we leave. We focus on teaching practices side-by-side with a focus on the things that will keep your teams advancing their agile skills. Our goal is to build strong, self-organizing teams that take ownership and responsibility for how they deliver value every day.

Agile Strategy for Executives

Our Agile Strategy for Executives workshop is focused on developing an agile mindset within your organization. This session builds a shared understanding of the goals of agile and the principles that drive the day-today practices of agile teams. We give your executive team the basics they need to understand the agile methodology and expand the conversation to the organizational change required to make it stick. This workshop illustrates the importance of alignment between your business strategy and your agile adoption and gives participants immediate steps to connect the two.