ImagineX Consulting is a business and technology consulting firm whose goal is to help our clients transform their businesses by embracing emerging technologies such as cloud, cybersecurity, and mobile. Through the use of our experimentation techniques and modern delivery methods, we assist our clients in driving higher quality solutions to market earlier. Our execution success is rooted in our unique local model that is supported by our industry specialists. Our ImagineX culture thrives on entrepreneurship, risk taking, mutual trust, teamwork, encouraging change, and letting our consultants own their way of working.
ImagineX Consulting is headquartered in Atlanta, GA with offices in, Washington, Denver, and Raleigh.

Our Story

Our roots began in 2006 in Vancouver, British Columbia where the ImagineX Consulting Founders met and worked together to deliver a project code named “Imagine”.  Project Imagine was a very demanding project with many traveling consultants.  Tight personal and professional bonds were formed and reinforced through project accomplishments and personal moments.  In the years that followed the founders scattered, and then reformed across North America, earning MBAs, founding and selling companies together, advancing careers, and starting and raising families.  The founders stayed in contact, followed one another’s careers and accomplishments, and cheered one another’s successes.   In 2015, the stars aligned for this group to come together and do something special, and ImagineX Consulting was born.

What We Believe

We are fearless and take calculated risks.
We can pivot our solutions to your needs.
We love what we do or else what is the point?
We stay on the bleeding edge of tech and challenge the status quo.
Our team respects and trusts each other implicitly.
We keep laser focus on execution by example.

Meet the Team

  • Founders
  • Operations & Business Development
  • Software Engineering & Cloud
  • Cybersecurity
  • Adaptive Agile
  • Data Insights
  • Technology Consulting
  • ImagineXer

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